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Meet #MadBack's Author Patrick Lee

As a Human Spinal Biomechanics Researcher, Patrick Lee has worked with over 2000 licensed back pain specialists from around the world, helping improve their patient care and promoting spinal health for their patients. This book is the result of his exhaustive holistic research over the past decade.

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     Is your back mad or frustrated because of the discomfort, fatigue or pain it experiences? Have your ever wondered why, despite countless excellent books written on spinal health and back pain, and despite countless medical progresses have been made in spinal health and back pain treatment, the average level of back and spinal health has declined in North America? 


     Reason is simple several basic truths have been ignored, for too long. 


     Based on an exhaustive holistic research, this book helps you discover these secret truths to find your relief and reclaim your life, easily, now. 


Prologue, and How to use this book?     1
-           Why Are Mad Backs Everywhere?
-           12 Shocking Facts About Your Back
-           9 Secret Reasons Why Your Back Can Have Its Peace
-           5 Easy Ways to Make This Book Work For The Peace Of Your Back
-           Why I Wrote This Book
-           Acknowledgements

Chapter 1 – The Secret of Your Back - What Makes It Mad     9
-           10 Secret Natures of Your Back You Must Understand
-           Why It Is The Cause That You Must Treat?
-           11 Secret Causes for Your Continued Suffering
-           5 Categories of Secret Causes of Back Pain
-           35 Common Misconceptions You Must Break About Back Pain

Chapter 2 – The Secret of Your Back - What Makes It Happy    65
-           3 Secret Reasons Why Your Current Defense May Be Wrong 
-           6 Reasons Why You Must Be Your Own First Line of Defense
-           10 Cornerstones of Your Effective Back Pain Strategy 
-           9 Proven Relief Options You Must Consider
-           A Quick Secret Roadmap for Beating Your Back Pain Fast
-           4 Secrets Helping You Avoid Wrong Caregivers 
-           8 Things You Can Do to Minimize the Risk of Misdiagnosis
-           30 Questions You Must Ask Your Doctors

Chapter 3 – The Secret of Your Back - What Keeps It Happy    119
-           6 Secret Body Habits You Must Build
-           8 Right Life Styles You Must Adopt
-           12 Critical Body Care You Must Take 
-           6 Secret Nutritional Foods Your Body Cries For
-           8 Art of Exercises You Need To Engage

Chapter 4 - You Are Your Spine (and the Secret to a happy back)     189
-           Your Spine Is Your Freedom
-           Your Spine Is Your Sexuality
-           Your Spine Is Your Vitality 
-           Your Spine Is Your Financial Wealth
-           Your Spine Is Your Career
-           Your Spine Is Your Life Insurance
-           No One Is Above The Spine 


Apologies     207

Join The Movement     209

Appendix I Spine Anatomy     211 

Appendix II Surgeries and Drugs for Back Pain Management 217

​References     223